Special Thanks to Oak Street Health

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Oak Street Health for their support and highly recommend that you visit their website!

Phone: 1-888-898-6762

About Them

Founded in 2012, Oak Street Health specializes in caring for older adults, focusing on their needs, and helping maintain satisfying lives with primary, specialized, and preventive care, and more.

Believing that proper healthcare should be available to everyone, Oak Street Health wants healthcare to work with patients on a personal level, no matter their background (income, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.), and should be able to competently deal with all medical conditions and issues

Their Mission

“Since our founding in 2012, our mission has been to build a primary care delivery platform that directly addresses rising costs and poor outcomes, two of the most pressing challenges facing the United States healthcare industry.”

What Oak Street Health Offers

Primary Care

Oak Street Heath’s primary care doctors works intimately with patients, helping build a guideline for care through discussion, learning more about their patients, and taking precautions for any illness and obstacle anywhere, no matter the location.

In-center procedures include:
– Wellness Checks
Lab Work
Vaccinations and Immunizations

Specialty Care

Oak Street Health works with specialists in various areas best suited for you for the best possible care in and out of center

For out-of-center specialty care, this can include:
– Home Health
– Physical Therapy
– Image Scans (X-ray, CT, etc.)

In-center specialty care can include:
– Behavioral Health
– Psychiatry
– Podiatric Care

Preventive Care

Oak Street Health doesn’t just provide proper medication for patients, they consistently engage with their patients as well. Their primary care physicians like to keep up every 3 or so weeks for better care and decreasing risks before situations become too hard to handle

Preventive measures can include:
– Depression screenings
– Substance abuse screenings