Special Thanks To Humana For Being Our Platinum Partner

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On behalf of CEFN, we thank Humana for serving as a platinum sponsor for CEFN’s inaugural senior health and wellness community outdoor event scheduled for Saturday July 3rd, 2021. CEFN anticipates having a supportive and valuable partnership with Humana for future events.

Humana’s Mission

Humana is committed to improving the health and well-being of our members, our associates, the communities we serve and our planet. We are dedicated to building an inclusive organization of diverse people whose experience and passion center on putting the customer first.

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What Humana Offers

Medicare Plans

Humana offers plans of different designs made specifically for different situations.

What Humana’s medicare plans can be:
– A simple, all inclusive, affordable plan
– A plan exclusively dealing with medical prescriptions
– A plan for dealing with chronic conditions
– A plan that can help with paying coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles

Dental Insurance Plans

Humana offers affordable dental insurance plans based on the American state that you live in and your age. Humana also offers package plans that best fits your budget

Vision Insurance Plans

Humana offers proper protection of your eye’s health

Other benefits include:
– Eye exams
– Contact lenses or glass
– Frames
– Discounts on Lasik

Employee Insurance Plans

Humana ensures proper insurance for your company’s employees no matter how large or small the company is.

With plans that can be designed for even more than 100 employees, benefits include:
– Holistic programs to satisfy employees
– Top of the line products and services
– Tools to help understand other benefits

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Oak Street Health for their support and highly recommend that you visit their website!

Phone: 1-800-457-4708

About Humana

Since 1961, Humana has been offering the best possible care for every person that they serve to help them reach the best version of themselves across the country.

Humana not only focus themselves on improving the health of their patients, but they believe that healthcare and various tools and support for a healthy living should be easy to use and access as well.

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