Eat Well, Enjoy Life.

Bring our community together in Philadelphia.

Community Enrichment Fitness Network strives to improve the lives of our seniors through various events teaching them about healthy eating and exercise.

Senior Gala

Once per year, CEFN offers a large event for seniors all around Philadelphia to celebrate nutrition and health with fun cooking demos and dancing lessons.

Health Fair

CEFN offers an informative fair that allows the Philadelphia community to learn more about fitness and healthy eating.

Nutrition Help

CEFN offers nutritional programs to help support families to learn more about their nutrition.

“CEFN has been an unforgettable experience for me! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a hands-on working environment where I am encouraged to speak my ideas and be creative. CEFN events have been so rewarding in the sense that I am able to meet amazing Seniors. It is so wonderful to see the Seniors enjoy all the hard work that is put into the events. Sherry Hill has been an exceptional friend and advisor that has offered me so many job opportunities as well as life advice. CEFN is an organization that cares.”

Lauren Smith, Drexel University

Let’s make a difference!