Senior Advocate Outreach

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Reaching Out to Older Adults!

CEFN doesn’t just primarily focus on helping older adults make healthy food choices and becoming more physically active, we are also concerned about their holistic needs! The Senior Advocate Outreach program is built on the belief that older adults should benefit from all available resources and social services to help with their overall health and wellness, socialization, and social service needs and resources

CEFN’s Outreach Program

CEFN is well connected with programs such as Caregivers America, Philadelphia Corporation of Aging, and other social service programs who are willing to make contributions to CEFN’s mission. Sadly, we are faced with the harsh realities that our seniors are economically vulnerable, may be dependent on loved ones, and/or are chronically ill.

It is important that we go out into senior living environments to visit those who are at risk, facing eviction, in isolation, facing abuse, and much more! It is CEFN’s mission to improve their quality of life.

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What We’ll Assist You With


Public transportation is necessary because older adults decline in vision, strength, endurance, and memory


Older adults face challenges regarding housing whether it be affordability and other accessibility issues


Rising health costs, medication, and a need of nutritional change, many seniors find it difficult to gain access to proper meals

In-Home Support

The elderly need care, comfort, and support to complete daily tasks, be satisfied, preserve self-esteem, and keep their independence

Home Health

Facing obstacles such as physical challenges and medical issues, home health promotes quality care to ensure good quality of life

Legal Service

To protect them from abuse and exploitation, senior citizens must be taught their rights and protection from legal vulnerability

Helpful Resources and Services

Community Legal Services


Assists seniors with any legal issues
Contact Attorney –

Help List Directory


Offers consumers assistance in all areas of consumer complaints (bill collectors, scams, legal services, etc.)

Unitarian Universalist House


Assists seniors in the northwest area who need short and long-term home care services, medical supplies and equipment, emergency meals on wheels, etc.

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging


Assists with providing services to seniors needing short or long-term care services, meals on wheels, transportation, and other related senior services 

Emergency City Services


Provides information and referral services relating to utility and other related services

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Helping CEFN’s precious friends, supporters, and older adults