Partner Testimonials

Vaughn J. Coleman

Board Vice President

Hello everyone. My name is Vaughn J. Coleman.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner ™ and a CEFN board member and I’ve been vending with CEFN and Sherry Hill for almost 20 years. I would just like to thank CEFN for their teamwork and professionalism as I have always had very positive experiences as a vendor. They have been an important part of helping me to grow my practice as I share the importance of personal financial planning strategies with the community. CEFN shares a passion for making sure seniors not only have a great time but are also exposed to the many services and networks that are available for their health and well-being. I am proud to be part of such a prestigious organization and super excited for what the future holds as we continue our mission.

Cherita Odums

Consultant/CEO “O” Insurance Group LLC

The “O” Insurance Group LLC has been in business since 2017 and connecting with CEFN was one of my greatest experiences. My passion is senior citizens and through this organization, I have helped and served so many people in the community and helped them with health and life insurance. It has been a rewarding experience and at every event, we have an awesome time.  I love watching them dance and enjoy themselves and I always bring my mom to one event to work with me and enjoy herself. Ms. Sherry is the absolute best and the organization brings such positivity to the senior community.  CEFN, I look forward to us continuing to work together. God Bless.

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Sonia Devan

Manager, Community Engagement​

Southeast Region

My name is Sonia DeVan and I am the Regional Manager of Community Engagement & Programs for Southeast, PA for Gateway Health. I am honored to reflect on the enduring partnership that Gateway Health has established over the years with CEFN. In 2014 Gateway had the pleasure of supporting the CEFN nutrition awareness and health cooking workshop series hosted at Opportunity Towers where more than 25 seniors dedicated their time to learn not only about the importance of healthy eating but also how to prepare and cook healthy meals. The information and education shared during the 6-week series engaged and empowered the participants who graduated and received certificates of completion recognizing their commitment to learning. The program was so well received and so successful that the full workshop series was hosted for a second time at the same location. ​

At Gateway, our mission is to care for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest. And never has that need been greater than it is today. On behalf of Gateway Health, I applaud one of our most valued partners – the Community Enrichment & Fitness Network for striving to forge ahead during these challenging times and using technology to empower people to live healthier lives.  It has been our pleasure to work with Sherry Hill, the Executive Director of CEFN, and Reverend Brown, former Board Chair for CEFN. Gateway Health is looking forward to continuing its partnership with CEFN in the near future.

Mike Waller

Membership Growth Consultant

My name is Mike Waller, Membership Growth Consultant with Dedicated Senior Medical Center.

Our mission at Dedicated Senior Medicated is that we honor seniors with affordable healthcare that delivers better health.  Since we started in the Philadelphia market three years ago, CEFN has been an incredible partner in helping us spread the word about better health through value-based healthcare.  Through their extensive senior network, their events, and their community engagement, CEFN has worked tirelessly to bring information and resources to seniors to help them live their best lives in their golden years.  We have also been a Platinum sponsor of several of their events because we believe wholeheartedly in the work that they do in the senior community. It has been a joy to be in partnership with CEFN, and we look forward to working together in the future.

Jazmin Jones

Outreach Director

Oak Street Health is rebuilding healthcare. We have 10 state of the art centers in the Philadelphia area. Oak Street Health came to Philadelphia in 2018. Our mission is to build a primary care delivery platform that directly addresses rising costs and poor outcomes. We have been so proud to partner with CEFN over the years to deliver amazing experiences to seniors all over the city. Oak Street Health and CEFN are committed  to our community and the health and wellness of our seniors.  

Caregivers America

Thank you for the work you do to enrich the lives of seniors in Philadelphia! We sincerely appreciate you and value the partnership with CEFN! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday break and look forward to all 2021 will bring!