Harvest Ball

CEFN is proud to present the 2nd Annual Senior Harvest Ball! Register today for a chance to win some great prizes! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you there!

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CEFN’s Senior Harvest Ball launched in October of 2019. Due to the success of CEFN’s previous senior galas, the senior harvest ball is a more formal event. The senior harvest ball is based around the Cinderella fairytale.

We believe that seniors are under-appreciated members of the Philadelphia community and we should appreciate the many strifes that they overcome and the successes that they achieve.

To show our appreciation, we celebrate the ball by crowning two amazing individuals and representatives of the community as the Belle of the Ball and the Lord of Harvest


CEFN's 2019 Senior Ball's Belle of the Ball and Lord Harvest

Crowning Expectations

What Lord of Harvest, Joseph Craddock, Expects:

  • Someone that is caring and concerned for the people especially in such turbulent times

What Belle of the Ball, Haddy Williams, Expects:

  • She just wants to see someone that is nice to people

Crowning Belle and Lord of the Ball

We crown the Bella of the Ball and the Lord Harvest of the Ball.

Crowning Selection Process

The Bella and Lord harvest of the ball were individuals who:

  1. Lit up the room with their personalities
  2. Survived personal and medical challenges
  3. Are role models in their community.
Haddy Williams Belle of the Ball 2019

Belle of the Ball (2019)

Haddy Williams

Haddy on her hope in God and how he can help anyone move forward

“When you believe, he will be there for you. Not just me. He can be there for anybody. But you gotta truly, truly believe it. That he’s there for you, and he will bring you out of it. He will make you feel better when you’re feeling so bad you’re hurting so bad that you can cry.”

About Belle

A woman of faith and a strong believer that God will guide her, she naturally makes anyone near her presence feel better.

Despite her many adversities in life including surviving breast cancer and now tackling cancer of the bladder, she always has a pleasant disposition and positive outlook on life.

Charismatic, outgoing, and friendly, she is very easy to connect with and conversing with her makes you forget all of your worries and to instead just enjoy the conversation.

No matter what, she believes she is led by God to give people hope and make people smile.

What Being Belle Meant

Believing that a queen is naturally nice and thoughtful to their people, she was very honored to be crowned as the Belle of the Ball as she believes herself to be a nice and thoughtful person.

No matter if she has the crown or not, she will always see herself as THE queen as a showing of thankfulness for being crowned.

Joseph Craddock - CEFN's 2019 Senior Ball Lord of Harvest
Lord of Harvest

Lord of Harvest (2019)

Joseph Craddock

About Lord of Harvest

Formerly a professional singer and dancer to lift everyone’s spirit through entertainment, he felt that he was then led by God to enlighten the people of his community spiritually.

Seeing himself as a man of faith and a minister, he humbly encourages a discussion on spirituality and self-betterment for the sake of sharing and giving.

Finding that humanity is always led by their central nature, he feels that his goal is to not only try and find “himself”, but to also constantly improve. To continue finding oneself and remain truthful to one’s character and identity is the constant struggle that he guides people through.

What Being Lord of Harvest Meant

He was naturally surprised to be chosen as the Lord of Harvest. As the Senior Gala that he attended was the first event that he attended “post-COVID”, he was very grateful.

To him, being crowned meant that he was, in some form, shown to be as a leader. So seeing him himself as a minister, a spiritual leader, being crowned Lord of Harvest will always be in his memory.


CEFN Gala Band
Senior couple dancing

Dancing and Music

Enjoy moving and grooving to the beat with lots of dancing and some tunes played by our live entertainment from various genres whether it be jazz or soul!

Hilton Hotel Food
Hilton Hotel Food

Catered Meals

A delicious and healthy meal by the Hilton Hotel with a vegetarian option!

CEFN Ball Vendor Gifts and Items
Food and Healthy Eating Expert Vendors

Vendors and Healthy Living Advice

Unsure of how to improve your healthy lifestyle?
Our information vendors can help you with that! Get some tips from some experts and learn more about different health organizations while also snagging some extra goodies!

Thumps Up by Pexel

One of the highlights of the event was the closing. Dwight closed with an upbeat song. Everyone present danced and had a great time celebrating Seniors’ health and wellness during COVID-19. The Bella/Lord of the Harvest Ball were having a good time dancing with our MC Dwight.

Stephanie Vicente

CEFN's Ball Guests

Let’s make something beautiful together.