Volunteer Work

Our Mission

Community Enrichment Fitness Network, or CEFN, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to make a permanent lifestyle change through healthier eating and increased physical activity primarily with older adults.

CEFN volunteering

Volunteer Roles

Event Coordinator – Every volunteer should report to the event coordinator about anything. She will have everyone’s instructions and we will have a brief meeting before the event starts. The event coordinator will be the point person and for troubleshooting.

Parking attendant – the volunteer’s role is simply to direct traffic and parking in the parking lot on the day of the event as well as direct attendees to the entrance of the venue.

Greeter – is the face of the event and welcomes everyone in. Their warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm will put people at ease and spark excitement, so please be sure that the volunteer smiles and shares their expertise!
▪ Stand or sit in the lobby of the venue and near the front door.

Host/Hostess – this person is responsible to report back to the event coordinator about everything
▪ Escort seniors to their table/seat
▪ Provide directions and information to attendees
▪ Distribute programs and brochures
▪ Respond to request for help from attendees

Ushers – this person will be responsible for receiving the guest to their seats

Floating volunteers- high school students will help with any minor details needed
▪ Hand out and collect evaluation surveys

Sponsor/vendor volunteers – escort all sponsors and vendors to tables and have them sign in according to their sponsor and vendor name. Give their sponsor packages and meals and checkup on sponsors and vendors throughout the event

Security volunteer – will oversee any problematic situations between a volunteers and attendee

Want to Help? Get in Touch!

To get in contact with us, email cefnphila@gmail.com. You can also reach us through our contact form by clicking the button below!

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please let us know which role you are volunteering for when reaching out!