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Our Mission

CEFN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to make a permanent lifestyle change through healthier eating and increased physical activity primarily with older adults.

Joyce Scott


Community Enrichment Fitness Network provides an awesome opportunity to give back to the community. CEFN events offer great activities and social engagements for older adults. Energizing movement and healthy eating habits are their pillars that encouraged me to get involved.
Superb venues and great entertainment makes CEFN social activities a “must attend” event.

CEFN’s leadership pays close attention to details. Quality supportive teams and volunteers are strategically put in place to create a beautiful gala experience filled with sophistication, inclusion and inspiration.

I am proud to be a CEFN Volunteer and invite you to become one as well.

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Wayne Hunter


My name is Wayne Hunter, and I volunteered for CEFN’s’ eighth annual Senior Gala extravaganza fundraiser on April 14, 2023. I assisted with various tasks and generally tried to be helpful. I found the experience to be excellent. As director of a nonprofit and business owner, I know firsthand the hard work and level of organization it takes to pull off an event of that size. Bravo! I welcome the opportunity to contribute to their next project.

Latasha Geiger

Volunteer Coordinator

My Name is Latasha Ann Geiger-Moore and I attend Community college of Philadelphia ,majoring in behavioral health and human services. Ms.Sherry was sweet enough to take Jordan Williams and I under her wing and trusted us with participating and collecting very important documentation from CEFN’s first Senior harvest ball event and we handled it with flying colors. Working at CEFN has been nothing short of an experience. From watching elders socialize to experiencing seniors dance and engage in such a positive space is such an amazing choice I will choose on any day ! Ms.Sherry and her team are such an incredible, talented, and detailed focused group that makes every senior event one not to forget and I’m so glad I chose to be a volunteer coordinator for the company Community Enrichment fitness Network!

Jordan Williams

Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Jordan Williams and I am currently a junior attending Cheyney University majoring in hotel, restaurant, and tourism management. Also I am attending Cheyney on a full scholarship which is known as the Keystone Scholarship. As I start I would like to highlight the fact that Sherry Hill , CEO and founder of Community Enrichment Fitness Network is such an amazing individual. In 2019, Sherry Hill was kind enough to take LaTasha Geiger and myself under her wing as volunteers for CEFN’s first Senior Harvest Ball typically held in October. If I had to describe that event in one word it would have to be phenomenal. It was just amazing to witness senior citizens enjoying themselves to the fullest as well as being educated with various vendors giving them valuable information for healthcare and displaying products that can benefit them. LaTasha and I made it a priority to continue to return for each event that Ms. Hill conducts to witness greatness unfold every year following the next. CEFN has excellent board members and volunteers as well whether it be returning or new volunteers. This is an amazing organization with many opportunities and I would always choose to be apart of it.

Theresa Rivers

Volunteer Photographer

“I found this wonderful event a year and a half ago and my joy grows with each party. Yes, it is truly a party and brings joy to everyone who attends. I have been shooting parties for over 25 years, and I’m proud to be a part of CEFN’S team to photograph the best entertainment I have ever witness.”

Terrianne Pearson


“Volunteering at the 8th Annual Senior Gala was an amazing experience for me! From the time I walked in, I felt welcomed by the staff and was excited to start working. The banquet hall was exquisite. I watched the seniors come in dressed beautifully, assisted them to their tables, answered their questions and performed any other tasks that were needed. It honestly did not feel like I was working. The food, music, performers, raffles, etc. were top notch. There was never a boring moment. I think I had just as much fun as the attendees! This was one of the best events that I have ever volunteered at. Ms. Sherry Hill and her staff did an excellent job of organizing this gala. I will definitely assist at the next CEFN event!”

Andrew Hoffmann

Volunteer Videographer

“There’s a genuine feeling of support that CEFN generates and it’s abundant at their fundraising events. As CEFN’s video editor, I want everyone in my videos to look good. CEFN makes it easy, not only by throwing amazing parties, but by inviting hundreds of enthusiastic supporters. CEFN’s members dress up for these events and dance for hours. As CEFN Founder Sherry Hill says, “I can honestly say that my older adults are physically active”. They sure are and it’s clear how much they appreciate CEFN for that. I always have a blast at CEFN events. We all do.”

Minister James Wilson

Volunteer Security/Chaplain

“It gives me great pleasure to be a part of such a awesome organization in any capacity whatsoever. When I saw what the organization was doing and what they were about, I was eager to help in whatever way they, would allow me too.
Miss Sherry was at a dinner concert in which I had put together and she heard me sing New Birth song “Wild Flower” and ask if I would sing it at a fundraiser they had at 13th and Godfrey in which I brought my God Mother to and we both were amazed st the Vendors, the Entertainment, and the Volunteers.
And from that day to this I was sold and became a part of Community Enrichment Fitness Network and its well organized program.
I am honored and humbled to be an integral member of such an audacious organization who walk the the walk and and not just talk the talk. For to whom much is given much is required.”

Volunteer Roles

Event Coordinator
senior host making speech at wedding
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Event Coordinator

Every volunteer should report to the event coordinator about anything. She will have everyone’s instructions and we will have a brief meeting before the event starts. The event coordinator will be the point person and for troubleshooting.

Parking Attendant

Parking Attendant

The volunteer’s role is simply to direct traffic and parking in the parking lot on the day of the event as well as direct attendees to the entrance of the venue.

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Is the face of the event and welcomes everyone in. Their warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm will put people at ease and spark excitement, so please be sure that the volunteer smiles and shares their expertise!

  • Stand or sit in the lobby of the venue and near the front door.


This person is responsible to report back to the event coordinator about everything

  • Escort seniors to their table/seat
  • Provide directions and information to attendees
  • Distribute programs and brochures
  • Respond to request for help from attendees
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ushers cleaning a table
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This person will be responsible for receiving the guest to their seats

Floating Volunteers

Floating Volunteers

High school students will help with any minor details needed

  • Hand out and collect evaluation surveys
survey document on a clipboard
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Sponsor/Vendor Volunteers
Cargivers America vendor
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Sponsor/Vendor Volunteers

Escort all sponsors and vendors to tables and have them sign in according to their sponsor and vendor name. Give their sponsor packages and meals and checkup on sponsors and vendors throughout the event



Will oversee any problematic situations between a volunteers and attendee

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