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Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization, and we are bringing the Philadelphia community together by empowering everyone to live healthier lifestyles through eating right and exercising.

CEFN History Timeline

The True Beginning of CEFN


CEFN originally began in 1997 by Sherry Hill as the nonprofit Christian Entertainment Fellowship network- a singles ministry- but changed its name and mission to health and fitness in May 2007.

CEFN was Founded
May 2007

New Beginnings

CEFN was founded with a commitment to help older adults ward off their chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, cancer, and other related diseases through making healthy food choices and becoming more physically active.

CEFN Develops a Pilot
May 2007

Mind, Body, Spirit

In May 2007, CEFN developed a pilot health and fitness project called, Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit. CEFN launched this 6-week health and fitness project at the True Light Fellowship Network Church in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, PA.

CEFN ‘s First TV Program

Focus on Fitness

CEFN was given an opportunity to bring this program to the PhillyCam public access TV station. CEFN developed the first PhillyCam TV program called, Focus on Fitness.

CEFN Develops Cooking Demo TV

Fine Dining

CEFN developed a dining segment with CEFN TV’s finest chef program. CEFN TV chefs held various nutrition workshops and prepared dinner at a local restaurant, where live entertainment was also provided.

CEFN Launches a Cooking Program

Better Eating

CEFN launched a new pilot project called, Nutrition Awareness and the Healthy Cooking five week program. The program was developed primarily to reach older adults residing in senior housing facilities, as well as those attending senior centers and various church senior ministries.

CEFN Launches a BIG Events

Natural Gatherings

CEFN developed a natural healing and holistic health fair and a senior gala program in an attempt to increase awareness and visibility of its nutrition awareness and healthy cooking programs in the older adult community.

CEFN Launches Another Big Event
October 2019

A Harvest Ball

CEFN launched a Senior Harvest Ball. The purpose of the Senior Harvest Ball is to continue bringing awareness to CEFN ‘s Nutrition Awareness and Healthy Cooking program.

CEFN Hosts Virtual Events During COVID

Making the Best of Troubles

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CEFN hosted senior health and wellness virtual events with Caregivers America and the Dedicated Senior Medical Center.

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Our Mission and Values

We are dedicated to empowering individuals to make a permanent lifestyle change through healthier eating and increased physical activity.

Our Mission

Respect. Teamwork. Compassion. Empathy. Integrity. Love. Kindness. Trust. All of these words empower us to want to bring the Philadelphia community.

Our Values

Our Board of Directors

Sherry Hill About

Sherry Hill


Sherry Hill, the Founder and Executive Director of the Community Enrichment Fitness Network (CEFN). Her passion is to reach out to individuals who want to improve their eating habits and become more physically active. This led her to develop a health and fitness organization, we all know today called CEFN in May 2007.

Rev. Sharon McClain

Board President

Rev. Sharon McClain is board President of CEFN, is a native from Decatur, Georgia, has worked as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Foster Care Social Worker, Mental Health Case Manager, State Prison Hostage Negotiator, Assistant Director – Shelter for Women and Children; Administrator/Supervisor for a state funded program for children-at-risk.  She has been a state program director for Miss Black America Beauty Pageant. Rev. Sharon is Founder/C.E.O. of Rose of Sharon Mission Ministries.  

Sharon McClain About
Vaugn Coleman About

Vaughn Coleman

Board Vice President

As a Certified Financial Planner, he works through a brokerage firm to offer financial planning services through several different companies, including Lincoln Financial, Allianz Life, John Hancock, Prudential Life, Assurity, Genworth, and Great American. This allows him the flexibility to offer the best product mix from a range of different companies as well as teach financial education throughout the region. He is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and regularly holds workshops and information sessions for various organizations.

Sylvia Gist

Board Secretary

Sylvia Gist, the secretary for CEFN’s board of directors, is a proud older adult dedicated to helping others. She recently received her associate degree in Social Service from Community College of Philadelphia. She worked for 30 years in the mental Health field. She is a retired, disabled veteran. She also is a great grandmother and her goal is to start her own business one day. 

Sylvia Gist About
Gary Cowlay About

Gary K. Cowlay II

Board Member

Gary “DJ DMS” Cowlay is the CEO and Founder of DJ DMS Entertainment LLC. He became interested in deejaying at the age of fourteen. He has since then turned a hobby into a passion. He provides high quality DJing services through the tri-state area and beyond. DJ DMS has played for every type of event including wedding, karaoke, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, community and social events, corporate event, and the list goes on. He has certainly developed a reputation for delivering remarkable music and keeping the crowd on the dance floor. DJ DMS also provides equipment rental including lighting and sound for various events. He has been providing entertainment for “CEFN” for over six years and the “Senior Community” as a whole for over twelve years. DJ DMS will always provide exceptional service and the perfect musical atmosphere for your event.

Alisha Willis

Board Member

For over 10 plus years Alisha Willis-Seigler has been a noteworthy leader in service coordination working with the older adult population. You may know her as the former service coordinator of Opportunities Towers I and II in North Philadelphia, where she started programs such as the senior prom, senior helping hands getting the residents of the building more involved with volunteering and the Towers Art program that won 2 year the National Nomia Art Contest and got two off her seniors art work featured in a calendar while earing grant money for the building. Alisha can also be credited with contribution to CEFNS Senior Harvest Ball and it’s pilot Nutrition Awareness Class.

Alisha found herself at a cross road after 8 years at Opportunity Towers with palestra of skills, a degree in business administration, the desire to see small business and small non-profits rise and truly be as successful as their big business counterparts. Being a numbers girl she, found out that more than 95% small business start-ups fail with in the first 5 years with more than 52% saying their #1 issue was quality LABOR from employees and the number for non-profits losing their status is even worse. Led her to the formation of her company LishonLife, where she offers freelance business development and brand identity and design to small businesses and grass root non-profits.

Her love for her grandmother who played a major role in raising her will always lead her back to her commitment to serve the senior population. So in 2021 after being a volunteer for CEFN, she was proud and honored to serve as a board member.

Alisha Willis About
Cherita Odums About

Cherita A. Odums

Board Member

Cherita A. Odums is the CEO and sole proprietor of The “O” Insurance Group LLC. Cherita has been an insurance provider for more than 20 years servicing seniors and disabled clients. She previously was an agent for the following companies United Health Care (AARP) AmeriChoice of Pa., Aetna and Cigna HealthSpring Insurance companies. She now services all clients and products in the entire Delaware Valley. Cherita’s primary focus has always been to service her clients and own her business.

In March 2016, she stepped out on faith and fulfilled her lifelong dream by opening The “O” Insurance Group LLC. In addition to Health Insurance, she also provides Life Insurance for all clients. Our motto is “Health and Life Insurance done with you in mind as we change one life, one day at a time!”

Cherita currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Arcadia University and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from Eastern University.

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